Deportivo La Coruna Preview

Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruna Estadio Santiago Bernabeu Sunday, September 30th 2012 1:50pm EST (Grrr I live in Mountain Time now!) Jornada 6

Real Madrid hosts Deportivo La Coruna after their short absence from the top flight on Sunday. This match comes off the back of the debacle of a rescheduled game at Vallecas (a strong showing none the less) and a real thumping of Millinairos in the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy on Wednesday. After an uncertain start to the season it now appears that Mourinho has steadied the ship with three wins and will be looking to get another three points against a decent if unspectacular Deportivo team. There will also be one eye on the Barcelona vs. Sevilla match, which could cut down the lead Barca have a tad going in to next week’s Clasico. To say I am pumped for that is an understatement; I have two friends visiting and one lived in Motril for a year and is a huge Madridista. If anyone lives in Denver, join me at Three Lions Pub next Sunday, I will get in to that more next week. (more…)

8 Thing We Learned From Rayo Vallecano Game:


Mark decided to take a little bit of a breather from the reviews for just this game. Unfortunately for us, Mark has set the bar too high for me to try and live up to his standards. Add to that the rustiness of haven’t made a review in a while (my reviews usually include ratings, and I have a feeling Boeder will disagree with all of them, so I’ll save everyone the trouble), I’ll stick to a different format. So Real Madrid finally took on Rayo Vallecano on Monday. Last season, RM needed a miracle back heel from Ronaldo to beat Rayo 1-0 away from home, after a very tough game. Hopes for this being an easier game were not to be fulfilled. But here is what we learnt from this game:


Real Madrid vs Rayo Liveblog/Posts Page

Today Madrid travel to the Vallecas to take on Rayo Vallecano in what is to be the second derby of the year for the Whites. It is very odd to see Rayo start the day ahead of Madrid by three points and six places on the table, however, with a win the Whites can make a significant jump towards the top. (more…)

Forever Blanco: Guti… Re-posted.


The news a couple of days broke out that Real Madrid legend Guti has decided to retire from football, after leaving the club in 2010 and persueing a not so successful career in Turkey. I could sit down and write a bunch of words to honor Guti and his footballing memory at the club, but I remembered that someone had done that job before. And done a job so good that it would be too hard to match. So I’ll leave you to the genius of our very own Kaushik, who wrote this article right after Guti left the club in 2010. Forever Blanco, Guti!




There are players, there are legends, then there are immortals. Somewhere between the last two categories a bunch of them get lost in the fine line that separates them. If you were to crown a king, for people of this kind, there’s only one name that deserves it. José María Gutiérrez Hernández, is whom this next instance of the Forever Blanco series is dedicated to. Earlier in the series (at The Offside) I wrote about Raul, Redondo and Del Bosque, who shared a similar success storyline, but Guti is a bit more complicated. Not many non More >