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After a grueling international weekend and a string of injury setbacks, Real Madrid get ready to host Celta Vigo on Matchday 8. Madrid have won four of their five games at the Bernabeu, with one draw. (more…)


Celta De Vigo Preview

Real Madrid vs. Celta de Vigo Saturday, October 20th 2012 12:00pm Eastern, 18:00 CET Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Jornada 8, Referee Clos Gomez (Aragone Committee)

Real Madrid hosts Celta Vigo at the Bernabeu for the first time in the 2006/2007 season, which seems like ages ago. I will not go in to a long diatribe on the cyclical nature of Spanish football, but Celta were ultimately the first of a group of teams that popped up to challenge for Champions League spots to suffer relegation after the hey days disappeared. Deportivo, Villarreal, Sociedad and Betis all know to well how quickly things can turn in this league having done what Celta did. Real comes in to this game severely banged up, with injuries to Marcelo (broken foot) and Coentrao while Pepe, Arbeloa and Benzema have also sustained knocks during the international break. The FIFA virus strikes again! This presents an interesting spin on what should have been a ho-hum game with little excitement beyond the fact that Celta are back in the Primera and will probably get a hiding in front of the Bernabeu. This may seem strange but the last two times Celta visited the Bernabeu they came away with wins. More >

Angel Di Maria: Friend or Foe?



If you are like me, trying to live in a bubble of despair, chocolate ice-cream and a bag of tissues trying to forget that Marcelo and Coentrao decided to both get injured at the same time, this is the place to be. After all, Arbeloa can play at Left Back. Nacho and Casado are both in great form for Castilla. Yea we will be fine. We are good. No need to worry. Not at all. We got this. Anywhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo



Less Spoken About Observations

It is the international break and things move rather slowly when that time comes around. I, personally, am not a big fan of international football, mostly because I cannot relate to any international team (because mine doesn’t compete at any respectable level) and use the gap as a much needed break from the modern world of ‘too-much-football’ and reflect on some not so covered things. And that, is going to be what this random ramble of a post, is all about. We have heard and read, time and time again about certain stories from the media about Real Madrid. Some of the stuff is rehashed so many times and so badly that most of what comes out has a sense of staleness. The worst part is, there are several other topics to write about and do justice to the world journalism, but sadly, people would rather focus on sensationalism because that is what sells. Here though, are just some random thoughts floating in my head that haven’t done the rounds. (more…)