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Merengue Bites: The Sad Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back with another episode of Merengue Bites. In this edition, you listeners witness history. Yes, you guessed it, we have a cat on the show. And boy does he Meow. Albert “le business cat” joins us on the pod this week to talk about everything Real Madrid. With Kaushik hosting, and Saheli and Bassam blabbering, you get to hear all about the transfer updates from Real Madrid. In the second  part of the podcast, things take a gloomy turn, as sadness looms over the discussion of Cristiano’s sadness. It felt like we were in the presence of dementors*. Or  perhaps that’s what’s bringing  Cristiano down? Think happy thoughts, Cris! In the end, and as always, you have to listen to really know what happens. Cheers!

*: If you don’t know what “dementors” are, then we renounce ever knowing you. And throw half a hot dog at you.

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European Football Power Rankings. Early Season Edition

I have tried to make this a regular feature and this will be the third straight year where I’m trying a normally American concept in football, hope you enjoy it. The end of the transfer season is always a good time to evaluate how the top teams in the continent look, ahead of the upcoming season. It is a long season with most top tier teams in three competitions, and lately, squad depth is getting a lot more attention than previously. No longer are people content with having a good first 11 and some regular backups. High profile multi million players are being brought in as backups or rotation players, in order to field a competitive team even when teams are taking it easy relatively. Plenty of clubs have revamped themselves ahead of the season. Some expected, some out of the blue. Few clubs have had their key players sold, and are looking to rebuild. Clubs have done whatever it takes to get ready for the season. For convenience sake, let us take a look at only clubs that are involved in the Champions League, and even further, look only at a subset of teams, mostly due to my laze, More >

(Not-So) Routine Win (Real Madrid 3 – Granada 0)

It was only by the time Cristiano Ronaldo managed to score his second goal for the night, to make it 2-0 for Real Madrid that I finally managed a sigh of relief. ‘This wasn’t going to end up like those matches’ – I thought, recalling our slip-ups against Valencia and Getafe. There would be no freakish, frantic comeback for the opponent and no moments of panic for our boys – just absolute control of the match and further questions if we can manage a 3rd , 4th, 5th goal and so on… Who knew that getting 3 points in the bag at home against a team that will fight for survival once again (Granada) would elicit such a sigh of relief from Madridistas such as myself?



Sort of Getting into Gear

I’m really looking forward to the variety of playing styles that we will have because of Luka Modric

Make no mistake about it, despite the win, Real Madrid are not YET in full gear. Despite the fact that we looked far less vulnerable than in the last 2 league games protecting a 1-goal lead, our team’s still level dropped noticeably in the latter parts of the first half. The drop in level More >

Real Madrid vs Granada Liveblog/Posts Page

Today Madrid hosts Granada in hopes of taking home three points for the first time this season. (more…)