Now THAT was Champions League Football! (Real Madrid 3 – Manchester City 2)

It all worked out for Mourinho tonight. Essien and Varane played well, he outcoached Mancini, his players gave him the performance he wanted and of course: he won.

Now THAT was Real Madrid football!


I normally catch about 2 hours of sleep after waking up to see a Champions League match at 2:45am – but I’m just too amped with adrenaline right now to sleep so I might as well start writing, right?

. Real Madrid’s win against Manchester City tonight was just the sort of thing we needed to see from this club, and the sort of performance that the players needed to put on for the fans, their coach and above all, themselves. The match itself was the perfect advertising on what Champions League football is all about: the 2 Champions of the 2 best Leagues in the world going toe to toe, blow by blow in what was an amazing spectacle of football. The match was complete with a tactical chess match, plenty of goals, heart-stopping excitement, stomach-turning emotions and of course, a wonderfully hysterical ending (wonderful for Madridistas at least). .


First Half Tactics – Mancini Drives his team into Mourinho’s Trivote ‘Wall’

My first attempt at taking notes in the More >


The Quest For La Decima Begins

It is a new year and a new season of Champions League is all ready to kick off. Yet another quest towards La Decima will kick off on Tuesday and our first obstacle will be English Champions Manchester City. First of three other champions we have to face in our group of death. It is not going to be the stroll in the park that our last few years of group stages have been, but let us look at it as a positive. We are not going to get surprised by a good team really late in the tournament. We will face teams that want to play football, teams that will push us to be at our best, and teams that will make Real Madrid better prepared for the latter stages of the tournament, if we get there.

Neither Manchester City nor Real Madrid have started their seasons in a manner in which they would have liked to. Manchester City have 2 wins and 2 draws from their first two games. Real Madrid is one step worse with 1 win 1 draw and 2 losses. While Man City’s lack of results can be down to injuries and tough opponents, their performance More >

Train Wreck (Sevilla 1 – Real Madrid 0)

On a weekend where Castilla graduates who have found their way to the Premier League gave a good account of themselves (Granero for QPR and Javi Garcia for Man City) – the ‘mothership’ crashed and burned in Seville. It was as abject a performance as I can remember from a Real Madrid squad – let alone a Jose Mourinho one. We started the season pondering the Valencia and the Getafe matches as ones which might have reflected a less-than-ideal state of the squad’s fitness: a reasoning I questioned (given that Barca, who have a 100% record, have had the same preseason as us). Jose Mourinho offered up a much more logical theory prior to the second leg of the Supercup – questioning the ‘psychological profile’ of the team. Are they focused? And even more importantly – are they still hungry? Now, I am once again finding myself asking the same question.



Time of Mind Games

Jose Mourinho teams traditionally do NOT have reputations as ones whose achilles heel is the dead ball. That was never the case with Porto, Chelsea, Inter or the last 2 seasons’ Real Madrid (save for a few instances). This season however, out of 4 league matches played, we’ve More >

Real Madrid vs Sevilla Liveblog/Posts Page

Today Real Madrid travel to the Sánchez Pizjuán in their green third kits to take on Sevilla in a Saturday night thriller. Mourinho has stated this week that the sad panda, Cristiano Ronaldo, does not worry him and the Portuguese superstar has the backing of his teammates despite his lugubrious feelings. Hopefully those who played during the thirteen day international break will come back rested and sharp as the trips to Sevilla always prove to be tumultuous occasions. Sevilla currently sit seventh on the table, however, they have not lost a match this season.