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It is the international break and things move rather slowly when that time comes around. I, personally, am not a big fan of international football, mostly because I cannot relate to any international team (because mine doesn’t compete at any respectable level) and use the gap as a much needed break from the modern world of ‘too-much-football’ and reflect on some not so covered things. And that, is going to be what this random ramble of a post, is all about. We have heard and read, time and time again about certain stories from the media about Real Madrid. Some of the stuff is rehashed so many times and so badly that most of what comes out has a sense of staleness. The worst part is, there are several other topics to write about and do justice to the world journalism, but sadly, people would rather focus on sensationalism because that is what sells. Here though, are just some random thoughts floating in my head that haven’t done the rounds. (more…)

Relief and Belief (Barcelona 2 – Real Madrid 2)

The World’s 2 Best Players Putting on Great Displays made Last night’s Clasico a real Classic.

Last night’s Clasico started with a demonstration of the Catalan ‘Nation’s’ desire for independence. Being neither Catalan, nor Spanish, nor both, i was of course far more interested in the footballing demonstrations that took place at the Camp Nou last night. It was a treat for the neutral fan surely – with 2 of the best club sides in the world, featuring the 2 best players in the world trading blows with 2-goal performances. The match ended as a 2-2 draw just as how (I suppose) many had predicted. And though many Cules will be harping endlessly about how all 3 points could have been theirs (over a supposed Iniesta penalty) and that Madrid appeared to be holding on for the final whistle, it’s also easy for Madridistas to come back and make their own penalty claims too (Ozil). I will admit though that I have mixed feelings because though I am relieved at not seeing Barca’s lead swell to 11 points, it’s also difficult for me not to kick myself for thinking that it was more than possible to wake up this morning to More >

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Liveblog/Posts Page

Today is the day of days. There isn’t a whole much to say, but there is still much to do. A victory today would cap off the hot streak that Madrid have been on. The team have opted to travel to Barcelona on matchday because, as Mourinho explains, “These are matches that it is easy to get motivated for and there is no need for long talks on tactics. In clashes like these all you need to do is turn up on time to play because the players are already fired up.” Fired up is probably an understatement for a match as important and emotionally charged as this. I fully expect players to come flying out the gates and giving everything they have to notch the first goal. Madrid’s form, and more specifically that of Cristiano Ronaldo, has been something nearing superhuman-like and I expect them to continue this form through today’s clash.

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Real Madrid vs Barcelona Camp Nou Sunday, October 7th 1:50pm EST, 19:50 CET BeIn Sport Jornada 7

Real Madrid travels to the Camp Nou for the first (and hopefully second to last) Clasico of the season, a full month earlier than it had been in the previous ten years or so. This game of course has serious political, cultural and historical implications, but to focus on the here and now, it is a chance for Real to cut in to an eight point lead that is wholly Real Madrid’s fault in the first place. With Barca a perfect six out of six this season and with the home field advantage it is easy to say who the obvious favorite is for this match, but as we have seen in several editions of the Clasico, home field advantage is hardly an advantage. Mourinho’s men have recovered from a rocky start to the season to record four straight convincing victories, and coupled with the Ajax result, will be in good spirits for this match, knowing that while it would be most beneficial to win, the season is still very young and the pressure is not to high yet. Even so, Madridista’s expect a More >