Real vs. Bayern – 5 Key Individual Clashes

It’s here. Our 4th straight semi-final and we find ourselves up against the team that I’ve always feared the most in European competition. There’s plenty of baggage with FC Hollywood, and while this is a team game, great individual performances will go a long way towards giving us the good result we need to make a long overdue appearance in the final.

I’ve written a short slideshow piece about 5 of the key individual battles to watch out for in the 1st leg, check it out here:

Don’t forget to share your post-match comments, observations and questions for the next episode of the Merengue Bites podcast. There will surely be a lot of talking points after the 1st leg, and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Hala Madrid!!!

RMTV: Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich Preview


Not that anyone needs it, but here’s a little ‘warm up’ for tonight’s match courtesy of Real Madrid TV:  

Ep. 13, Merengue Bites – Copa Del Rey champions and Champions League hopefuls

Ep. 13 marks a historic Merengue Bites podcast, with all four panelists available for the first time in the 13 weeks we’ve been doing this! Mark, Kaushik, Rahul and Bassam discuss talking points from Real Madrid’s Copa Del Rey championship victory over Barcelona, which will go down in history for Bale’s incredible winner. The guys also look forward to a most intriguing and difficult Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich. It’s truly a huge week for the team, club and all Madridistas.


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First Taste (Real Madrid 2 – Barcelona 1)

‘Banzai Motherf#cker!’ Is what I would have screamed if I was Gareth Bale in that Situation. Right this very moment, every Madridista have EXACTLY the same taste in their mouths. That my friends is the sweet, deliriously wonderful, and absolutely addictive taste of victory. It is only our first taste of silverware this season. We have now dispensed of more than half of April and when we consider the fact that a treble is still achievable at this point, it’s difficult not to conclude that we’ve had a pretty darn good season thus far. . I’ve called this bunch a pack of ‘spineless, gutless chokers’ – unable to beat the big team on the big occasion. Last night they proved those words of mine to be absolutely wrong. There are no bigger victories over big teams in big matches than ones over Barcelona in a Cup final with silverware at stake. It’s important to note that this praise isn’t just about winning too, it was also very much largely about how the team won. . We won without our best player. Above all, we won after our team’s character was once again put into question: after our first half lead was cancelled out by one of our only 2 defensive lapses in the match (we normally have 2 every More >