Stale Supercopa (Real Madrid 1 – Atletico Madrid 1)

It was a debut goal for James. A scrappy goal, but they all count – especially in a scrappy, cagey affair. We are now pursuing trophy #2 of the 6 up for grabs this season. And like many things in life, the degree of difficulty will only increase as we go from one trophy to another. Trophy #1 (UEFA supercup was claimed with relative ease), Trophy #2, which features 2 rounds against La Liga champs Atleti was always going to be tough. Trophy #3, the Club World Cup, may feature weak opponents, but will be held in December, where injuries, fatigue, and vacation mode mentality creeps into the team. Trophy #4 will be the Copa Del Rey – and the bulk of that competition will be on January, where the team will suffer a post-CWC/winter break hangover. Trophy #5 of course is the La Liga title which we have not won in 2 seasons and of course, the sweetest one of all is #6 – La UNdecima. . But let’s go back to trophy #2, where Real Madrid pretty much collectively laid an egg on the pitch against Atletico at the Bernabeu last night – drawing 1-1 thanks to a goal scored by James on a ‘scramble’ and conceding an ‘away goal’ in what More >

Supercopa Preview : Glorified friendly or a chance to make a statement?

The start of the season proper is almost here. Whether you consider the Supercopa that or not is a matter of perspective, but it wouldn’t be a lie to say that both participating teams take the series of matches seriously, year in year out. Atletico de Madrid, champions of La Liga (that sounds weird to say and I still haven’t gotten used to it) will be our opponents in this potentially cagey two match series that starts on Tuesday. Both teams are different from the ones that won their respective titles last season, perhaps Atleti more so than Madrid. However, in terms of preparation and readiness for the season, it would appear that both teams are roughly at the same stage. Atleti having had a longer preseason, with fewer internationals hung over from the World Cup, compensate for a Real Madrid team that hasn’t trained together for so long, but perhaps don’t need to as the turn over in the squad isn’t as much.


Waking up to a Fantasy (Real Madrid 2 – Sevilla 0)

When the match started at 2:45am, I was still feeling as disoriented as those dudes trying to spell ‘Real Madrid’ during the opening ceremony. All that changed when the match started Maybe it’s because this is the offseason after orgasmically winning La Decima… Maybe it’s because this is the offseason when I became a dad for a second time… Maybe it’s because this is the offseason where we had a very entertaining World Cup… Or maybe it’s just simply because life in the office has become insanely busy these days… . But we are a couple of weeks from the opening of the La Liga season and somehow, I still feel de-sensitized to the supposed excitement building up to the season opener(s) of the European football calendar. . All of that changed last night after seeing Real Madrid pretty much stroll right through Sevilla to win the first of 6 possible trophies to be won this season. Sure, it was ‘only’ a 2-0 win. I predicted the scoreline correctly during the weekend podcast too: accounting for Sevilla’s lack of creativity going forward to the departure of Rakitic (to Barca) whilst Real Madrid I thought, might still be rusty. I was only half right of course: Sevilla did indeed barely threaten us (except the last few More >

Merengue Bites 2014-15 Episode 3 – La Liga Preview Edition

Bassam joins the crew after a long hiatus as him, Mark, Ryan and Kaushik preview the upcoming La Liga season from the view points of Barcelona, Atletico, and of course Real Madrid. The panel also tackles several tough listener questions, about whether Modric and Kroos can handle the midfield on their own, on how Zidane and Hierro will fare this season, and also a fun one where there’s even some Star Wars talk.

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