The mother of all previews. One final obstacle.

Only one game left in the 2013-14 season and it all comes down to this. The two best sides in the competition, and in some strange way, the two best teams in Europe this season, square off in Lisbon to decide who gets to keep big ears. On one hand, you have Goliath – the world’s richest, most glamorous club, full of galacticos, who smell the end of a 12 year long wait to a place that everyone associated with the club believes is rightfully theirs. On the other, you have David – hard working, disciplined over achiever who going by the modern day of dollar football shouldn’t even be there. Yet both teams have defied odds, overcome their own weird imperfections to set up a fantastic showdown for the crown. I don’t even need to big this match up, the stories write themselves. Big brother v Little, Derby rivalry, there are so many angles in which you could spin this match into a classic and none of them would be wrong. At 2045 CET tomorrow, in Benfica’s beautiful Stadium of Light, the eyes of the entire football world will be tuned in.


Ep. 15, Merengue Bites — Atleti Win La Liga, Real Madrid Look Forward to La Decima

Mark, Bassam and Kaushik tip their hats to Atletico de Madrid for a historic and deserved La Liga conquest and share their thoughts about the epic La Liga ‘finale’ between Atletico and Barcelona.

The guys also discuss Alvaro Morata’s season and whether a replacement striker needs to be brought in, while Kaushik draws a peculiar parallel between his marriage to his wife and Real Madrid’s 50 million euro divorce settlement with Mesut Ozil.

The episode wraps up with a look-ahead to the Champions League final as well as Spain’s World Cup squad.

You can listen to the discussion using the Soundcloud player below; we are working on getting this episode up on iTunes as well. Hala Madrid!!


Ep. 14, Merengue Bites – Real Madrid burns Munich, Fizzles Out vs. Valencia

Mark and Rahul look back at the historic 4-0 drubbing of Bayern Munich, review Real Madrid’s tepid 2-2 draw against Valencia and make a right mess of the math while discussing the La Liga title race permutations. Please subscribe to the podcast on Merengue Bites or listen to it using the Soundcloud player below:



The Penultimate Step (Bayern Munich 0 – Real Madrid 4)

So it is done. The road to Lisbon is clear. On May 24th, Real Madrid will go to Lisbon having earned its rightful opportunity to raise its 10th European Cup – 12 years after we raised the 9th. I honestly never imagined that it would be like this. Bayern President Karl-Heinze Rummenigge warned us that the trees would burn in Munich. Despite the fact that Ancelotti non-chalantly replied that it was raining, Rummenigge’s ’prophecy’ came true. He failed to mention though that it would be Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo who would set fire to the Allianz Arena. . From Zeroes to Heroes: Cristiano Delivered on his promise 2 seasons ago. And after the endless stream of jokes from his failed penalty, including from Manuel Neuer, Ramos finally made Neuer his bitch twice tonight.   2 seasons ago, our Champions League campaign ended in tears after going out on penalties to Bayern Munich. Sergio Ramos became the butt of all jokes for his failed penalty with Manuel Neuer publicly poking fun at him as well. Cristiano Ronaldo on the other hand had his penalty saved and duly promised a final to the fans whilst commiserating in his team’s failure. Tonight, both men delivered in the biggest possible way. Ramos stuck 2 early daggers to More >