Ep. 17, Merengue Bites — Post-Season Awards

In this special ‘awards’ edition of Merengue Bites, the panel put forward their nominees for MVP of the season, most disappointing player of the season, most memorable moment, favourite goal and several other categories.

Hala Madrid!



2013-14 Player Reviews : Part 1 – Defenders

The 2013-14 season is complete. It ended on the highest of highs possible. La Decima is finally here. Almost automatically, it qualifies for the season as an excellent one. It ought to, as the Champions League, in my opinion, is the toughest football tournament there is, and winning it is no mean feat. I’m not exactly sure when the Euphoria of it all will die down, but I am reasonably sure it will get swallowed as the biggest showpiece in the footballing world starts in less than two weeks. Between now and then, would be a good opportunity to have an appraisal of sorts to all squad members, and a slight look at what could lie ahead for them. I did something similar last season, in three parts. One for defenders, one for midfielders and one for strikers. I intended on doing a deep statistical comparison for the goalkeepers, but eventually ran out of time. I hope to replicate last season’s format, and also get around to doing that goal keeping piece. Without further ado then.


Ep. 16, Merengue Bites — LA DECIMA!!!!!!!!!!

There are ten exclamation marks in the episode title for a reason — Real Madrid have finally, finally won La Decima!

Mark, Rahul, Kaushik and special guest Ryan from France talk about how La Decima was won, what they felt and observed as the game progressed and discuss where the team goes from here.

Hala Madrid!!!



The mother of all previews. One final obstacle.

Only one game left in the 2013-14 season and it all comes down to this. The two best sides in the competition, and in some strange way, the two best teams in Europe this season, square off in Lisbon to decide who gets to keep big ears. On one hand, you have Goliath – the world’s richest, most glamorous club, full of galacticos, who smell the end of a 12 year long wait to a place that everyone associated with the club believes is rightfully theirs. On the other, you have David – hard working, disciplined over achiever who going by the modern day of dollar football shouldn’t even be there. Yet both teams have defied odds, overcome their own weird imperfections to set up a fantastic showdown for the crown. I don’t even need to big this match up, the stories write themselves. Big brother v Little, Derby rivalry, there are so many angles in which you could spin this match into a classic and none of them would be wrong. At 2045 CET tomorrow, in Benfica’s beautiful Stadium of Light, the eyes of the entire football world will be tuned in.