Ep. 12, Merengue Bites

Mark and Bassam discuss Real Madrid’s comfortable 4-0 thrashing of Almeria and the nervy 0-2 defeat at Dortmund that preceded it. Also, a look-ahead to the Copa del Rey final and the Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or listen to it below using the Soundcloud player. Hala Madrid!


Spineless, Gutless Chokers (Borussia Dortmund 2 – Real Madrid 0)

My Twitter Feed last Tuesday Night Spineless, Gutless Chokers. No Character. No Resolve. No Poise, No Cojones. . These were some of the words I used to describe Real Madrid last Tuesday night as I watched in horror how Real Madrid almost sabotaged their own advancement to the Champions League Semi-Finals. In the end, Borussia Dortmund won 2-0. They fell 1 goal short of the 3-0 scoreline they needed to send the game into extra time or even penalties. When the referee blew his whistle, though I cannot deny that I heaved a sigh of relief, I also stood up and applauded my television. The applause of course was meant for Jurgen Klopp and his men. It was as gallant and fearless a performance as I had ever seen in the game of football. There is no logical explanation as to why there is no queue or bidding war going on to acquire the services of this frumpy-haired, bearded German coach with yellow teeth amongst Europe’s elite clubs. He led his band of mostly-no-name replacements to almost eliminate the most expensively assembled squad in the history of the world’s most popular sport from the Champions League. . That we lost to Borussia Dortmund did not upset me. I was in fact somewhat prepared for the possibility of More >

Crushing the Banana Skin (Real Sociedad 0 – Real Madrid 4)

You may also download / listen to the podcast here:. Post-clasico, we all knew it: there were 2 banana skin games left in the La Liga calendar. The first was at the Sanchez Pizjuan against Sevilla. The second was last Satuday at the Anoeta. We failed in Seville. We succeeded in San Sebastian. Following the loss vs. Sevilla, there were those who ranted that Carlo Ancelotti couldn’t beat ‘big teams’ or ‘big games’. And given that many of those sentiments came out following the Sevilla game, one would surmise that these critics have included Sevilla as a ‘big team’ or that the match was a ‘big game’. I am thus looking for those very same critics now following this win vs. Real Sociedad – the ones who would refer to last Saturday’s game as a ‘big game’ if we had lost it and a ‘usual game’ now that we’ve won it 4-0. Let’s all admit that there’s a double standard right there and that it’s really unfair. . Real Sociedad may not be the Champions League qualifying team that they were last season (with Montanier at the helm), but they are still the team that beat Barca 3-1 at home. So let’s put aside the double standard and make no mistake about it. This was a big game and More >

Ep. 11 Merengue Bites – Real Sociedad 0-4 Real Madrid

Mark, Kaushik and Rahul review Real Madrid’s surprisingly comfortable 4-0 away win at Real Sociedad and look forward to the upcoming 2nd leg of the Champions League quarterfinal versus Borussia Dortmund. The panel also discuss possible transfer activity for Real Madrid over the summer, the ramifications of Barcelona’s transfer ban and Mark reveals his deep admiration, respect and veneration for Barca’s reserve goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto.

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