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Merengue Bites 2014-15 Episode 5 – Anoeta Implosion

Mark, Kaushik and Ryan discuss Real Madrid’s shocking defeat at the Anoeta after going 2-0 up, which players performed well and which ones disappointed as well as transfer goings-on, with Ryan claiming that Lionel Messi is on his way to the Bernabeu

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The sudden exit of Xabi and the not so sudden exit of Di Maria

The title of the article says it all. La Decima was fantastic. The euphoria that comes with such a title can last for a long time. Somewhere between then and the World Cup, the realities of next season began to hit us. With the rumours for Kroos building up, everything looked to be heading in the right discussion. Almost everything, the signing of Kroos almost meant a complete shift and a total buy-in of the Ancelotti system. A consequence of that of course was – what then happens of Di Maria? This was a consequence Real Madrid was expected to make a decision one way or another, all the way back in June. Yesterday however, something came up totally out of the blue. Xabi Alonso agrees to terms with Bayern Munich. WHAT? Collectively almost all of Madridismo was shocked. There’s a phase after coming to know about a piece of news, and trying to rationalize and process it. It is a dark place, and the news of Xabi, it is safe to say, put a lot of us in that dark place.


Merengue Bites 2014-15 Episode 4 – Supercopa Disappointment

Mark, Bassam, Kaushik and Ryan join forces to review the disappointing Supercopa defeat to Atletico Madrid and discuss the Alonso-Kroos-Modric midfield partership, James Rodriguez’s best position and the Angel Di Maria situation.

More importantly, the gang pow-wow over Real Madrid’s reported dragon-watermarked black third kit and which Real Madrid player would likely bake the best cake!

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Stale Supercopa (Real Madrid 1 – Atletico Madrid 1)

It was a debut goal for James. A scrappy goal, but they all count – especially in a scrappy, cagey affair. We are now pursuing trophy #2 of the 6 up for grabs this season. And like many things in life, the degree of difficulty will only increase as we go from one trophy to another. Trophy #1 (UEFA supercup was claimed with relative ease), Trophy #2, which features 2 rounds against La Liga champs Atleti was always going to be tough. Trophy #3, the Club World Cup, may feature weak opponents, but will be held in December, where injuries, fatigue, and vacation mode mentality creeps into the team. Trophy #4 will be the Copa Del Rey – and the bulk of that competition will be on January, where the team will suffer a post-CWC/winter break hangover. Trophy #5 of course is the La Liga title which we have not won in 2 seasons and of course, the sweetest one of all is #6 – La UNdecima. . But let’s go back to trophy #2, where Real Madrid pretty much collectively laid an egg on the pitch against Atletico at the Bernabeu last night – drawing 1-1 thanks to a goal scored by James on a ‘scramble’ and conceding an ‘away goal’ in what More >